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Mutoh's DrafStation PRO is a professional high-end CAD & imaging inkjet printer at an exceptional price level point, specifically designed for applications such as industrial design, space engineering, car building, production of spare parts, ship building, architectural design, 3D photo renderings, project presentations…

The compact 42.51” (1080 mm) size printer, standard equipped with a motorized winding system, incorporates a new generation "Wide Model" print head (4 colour sections, 360 nozzles/colour), which will enable the highest resolution for CAD: 2880 dpi. DrafStation PRO offers superior line sharpness and image quality with continuous tones, smooth transitions and a wide colour gamut.

Offering various print resolutions for various applications, DrafStation PRO delivers a high speed 360 dpi A0-size output in 91 seconds (= 39.6 m²/h). The incorporated WavePrint technology enables effortless production of impeccable high quality prints.

Depending on the application area, the CMYK printer can be started up with 2 different ink sets. For typical CAD applications (e.g. line drawings), a 110 ml CMY Dye ink and special black pigmented ink offering excellent UV stability & enabling production of super fast draft plots on cheap media. For CAD imaging applications, you can start up the unit with a full water-based dye ink set (CMYK 220 ml).

The DrafStation PRO will moreover deliver an unequalled installation and operation friendliness.

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